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March 7, 2011 // 8:08 AM

How to Ask Management to Reduce Traditional Marketing [Marketing Cast]

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You recognize the value of creating blog posts, videos and other content pieces to drive traffic to our site. But does your management team share that sentiment?

Often times, it is your boss, the executives in the company and your board of directors who insist that you continue with traditional marketing. Keep sending direct mail, attending tradeshows and paying for newspaper ads. “That is a huge challenge because we are facing the ways people have been marketing for decades,” says David Meerman Scott.

In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we go over some ways in which you can convince the management team to reduce traditional marketing.

Ask People About Their Habits

The simplest way to convince someone in the ineffectiveness of old marketing techniques is to inquire about their habits. How do they research products? Do they go to the Web? Do they ask friends for advice? Or do they go to the Yellow Pages and read the ads in the local papers? If people are saying the truth, they will admit that they do product research on search engines and social networks. And that will be the perfect transition to the question, “If that is true, why are you making me do direct mail?”

Here's a great compilation of facts to help drive this conversation in the right direction:


Will You Remain a Change Agent?

If you are trying to transform the way your company does marketing, you are basically a change agent. But what if your attempts meet the same type of resistance again and again? You have a few options—to continue being that change agent, to live with the status quo or to find another job. Sooner or later, you will face that choice.

So, which path are you going to choose?


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