How to Break Through the Clutter on Social Media [Marketing Cast]

    by Magdalena Georgieva


    April 25, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    There are so many blogs and social media channels out there, why should I start another one? You’d be a liar if you said you hadn't asked yourself that question at least once. But growing your presence on the Web shouldn’t mean adding to the clutter.

    “The reason you should do another one [blog post, tweet] is because you have something interesting to say,” notes David Meerman Scott. In today’s episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast we discuss why social media shouldn’t be seen as a cluttered space.

    People Inherently Filter Information

    People have always filtered information. We do it when reading newspapers, listening to the radio and watching TV. Today, this habit has merely shifted to the Web.  

    Now we look for specific terms on search engines and social media. People don't consume all available content; they participate in conversations that directly interest them. The sheer volume of existing Twitter feeds and blogs could sound like clutter, David says. But it doesn't necessarily mean clutter. 

    Focus on the Right Content and Keywords

    If you are creating valuable blog posts, targeted videos and content that includes the keywords your buyer persona is using, you can break through the clutter. Adopt the language of your existing and potential customers and incorporate it when building your next marketing offer.  

    “I generally don’t worry about clutter at all,” says David. “I think that can be just an excuse for not getting going.” So, stop looking for excuses and get going! 


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