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November 11, 2011 // 11:30 AM

LinkedIn Launches Analytics Tool for Groups

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This week, LinkedIn added a brand new feature to LinkedIn Group AnalyticsLinkedIn Groups: Analytics. (And you know how much we love data!) Group owners now have the ability to get insight into group growth, demographics, and interactions through visually appealing charts and graphs. This data will help marketers measure and improve marketing strategies that help build LinkedIn reach, member activity, and ultimately—leads.

You can access the analytics by visiting the "Groups" tab in LinkedIn and clicking the little blue graph icon underneath the Group's name. Join HubSpot's Inbound Marketers Group on LinkedIn for more news and conversation on LinkedIn Analytics.

Here are 4 things you can analyze using LinkedIn Group Analytics:

1. Get a quick glance into your Group's performance: The first tab -- the Summary tab -- is a high-level overview of your LinkedIn Group, including one or two statistics from each of the four tabs. Use this to take a quick look at how your group is performing in terms of current size, comment frequency, and demographics.

LinkedIn Analytics

2. Learn about your group members' demographics. The Demographics tab is the most thorough tab. It uses your members' LinkedIn profile information to give you a deep dive into their overall career level, job function, location, and industry. Use this information to figure out what type of members your group attracts. Are you bringing in the right people for your business? Can you use this data to supplement your buyer personas?LinkedIn Group Analytics3. See how your group is growing over time. Is your hard work paying off? Is the content you're providing attracting more members to your group, growing your LinkedIn reach? The Growth tab lets you know how many members you've added per day as well as your total member growth over time. You can also dig into your week-over-week growth.

LinkedIn Analytics4. Monitor your group's activity levels. Are people discussing content and commenting more over time? Find out through the Activity tab. If not, perhaps you need to revamp your LinkedIn engagement strategy. An active group shares more content and sees more frequent visits! Experiment with different types of content, and measure the results here.

LinkedIn Group Analytics

Don't have access to this, but your colleague does? You can actually share these insights with anyone (even if they don't have a LinkedIn account) by clicking the little link icon on the top right hand corner of each tab and forwarding the link. Check it out, and share your stats!

Have you checked out your LinkedIn group's analytics yet? How would you use this data?

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