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    December 12, 2011 // 9:00 AM

    Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Puppet's Holiday Duet #HoHoHubSpot

    Written by | @

    Hu, the HubSpot Unicorn, is known for many things. First and foremost, he is known for his constant need to get his mouth washed out with a bar of soap. But more importantly, he is known for his 'coming to light' moment this holiday season, finally stopping the spread of those awful marketing myths and embracing inbound marketing.

    What most people don’t know is that Hu is also an amazing singer. How else do you think he gets all the ladies? So to celebrate the season, Hu and HubSpot’s very own Rebecca Corliss decided to duet an updated holiday classic in order to spread marketing and holiday cheer. The lyrics are listed below the video so don't hesitate to sing along! 

    Happy Holidays from HubSpot and the HubSpot Unicorn! 

    Baby, It's Cold Without Inbound Marketing

    unicornhatRebecca: I really can't stay

    Unicorn: But baby, it's cold outside

    Rebecca: I've got to go away

    Unicorn: But baby, it's cold outside

    Rebecca: This evening has been …

    Unicorn: You need inbound marketing

    Rebecca: … So very nice

    Unicorn: I’ll make your website optimized

    Rebecca: My mother will start to worry

    Unicorn: Beautiful, what's your hurry

    Rebecca: My father will be pacing the floor

    Unicorn: Let’s go write one blog post more

    Rebecca: So really I'd better scurry

    Unicorn: But my mane is soft and furry

    Rebecca: Well maybe just a half a drink more 

    Unicorn: Let’s check our lead gen while I pour 

    Rebecca: The neighbors might think

    Unicorn: Baby, it's bad out there

    Rebecca: Say, what's in this drink

    Unicorn: Cold calls and ads out there

    Rebecca: I wish I knew how

    Unicorn: To check your analytics now

    Rebecca: To break this spell

    Unicorn: Your conversion rates, they sure look swell

    Rebecca: I ought to say no, no, no, sir

    Unicorn: But our bounce rate is getting much lower.

    Rebecca: At least I'm gonna say that I tried 

    Unicorn: Our marketing is giving me pride

    Rebecca: I really can't stay

    Unicorn: Baby, don't hold out

    Together: Baby, it's cold outside


    Topics: Inbound Marketing

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