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    November 16, 2009 // 2:00 PM

    Visual Step-by-Step Instructions to Connect Your Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts

    Written by Rebecca Corliss | @

    LinkedIn rolled out a cool new feature that links your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile via your status update. What's incredibly unique about this feature is the ability to update your status from Twitter, as well as send out Tweets via LinkedIn.

    This is a great way to frequently update a typically-static LinkedIn profile. Think about it! How many of us set up a profile and don't touch it for months and months?

    Follow the below steps to connect your LinkedIn Profile and Twitter Account and start using this neat new tool!

    Step 1: Visit LinkedIn.com and Click the Blue Twitter Button

    Linkedin Twitter Linking

    Step 2: Allow LinkedIn to Connect to Your Twitter Account

    Linkedin Twitter

    Step 3: Make your Twitter account visible to everyone and decide if you would like some or all your Tweets sent to LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn Twitter


    If you would only like a select few Tweets to be sent to your Linkedin,chose "Only Tweets that contain #in". Now, only if you use the #inhashtag in your Tweet, it will go to LinkedIn.

    Step 4: Send a test tweet with hashtag #in.

    LinkedIn Tweet

    Step 5: Check your LinkedIn profile to see if your status is your most recent Tweet.

    LinkedIn Status Update

    By sending tweets to your LinkedIn status, your profile is more dynamic and you can frequently update your network about what you're doing.

    Step 6:
    Select the checkbox on LinkedIn.com to allow your LinkedIn Status to update your Twitter Account.

    Send Linkedin To Twitter

    Now, whenever you update your LinkedIn Status, it will also update your Twitter Account.

    What do you think? Will you link your accounts? Will you send all your Tweets to LinkedIn or only a few? Why?

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