101 Marketing Charts and Graphs [Data]

by Kipp Bodnar


December 16, 2010 at 1:50 PM

101 Charts 1 Marketing data rocks. At HubSpot we love sharing new marketing data and believe that it helps all of us make better marketing and business decisions. We have created a slide deck with 101 valuable and actionable pieces of inbound marketing data. This ebook is an updated version of the 50+ Marketing Charts and Graphs ebook released in early 2010. 

Highlights from the Marketing Charts :

  • Companies focused on inbound marketing generate leads at a 60% lower cost than companies that focus on outbound marketing 
  • Out of companies who blog, 46% have attracted revenue through their blog. 
  • Out of companies who blog regularly, 90% attracted customers through their blog if they post daily, but only 38% attracted for those who blog monthly. 
  • Blogging increases your Twitter reach by 75%. 
  • Websites with blogs get 55% more visitors. 
  • Facebook pages for US companies have 4,300 Facebook fans on average. 
  • 63% of businesses say blogging and social media generate leads at a lower cost compared to other marketing activities. 

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