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    January 24, 2011 // 4:30 PM

    How to Get Facebook Fan Page Activity Alerts via Email

    Written by David Wells | @

    For a while now, one of the biggest features missing from Facebook fan pages was the ability for administrators to get alerted of any activity happening from fans.

    Now, you can get email notifications of activity happening on your page with this nifty new free service called Hyper Alerts

    1. Go to Hyper Alerts
    2. Create an account
    3. Click add a new alert
    4. Type in your Facebook Fan Pages vanity URL
    5. Set the frequency for the alert (we recommend the as soon as possible option)
    6. Sit back and watch the alerts roll in via email.

    Here is what the email notification looks like:

    hyper alerts example

    Now you are up and running and can interact with the people who are posting on your fan page without having to sit on Facebook refreshing the page!

    This also give you the ability to keep an eye on competitors fan pages as pointed out by Eric Marshall on the Inbound Now Fan Page . How did I know this? Oh, Hyper Alerts told me. =)

    Great work Hyper Alerts , Awesome stuff! Also, kudos to Mari Smith for the tip off on this!

    Topics: Social Media

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