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    How to Create a Marketing Report in 10 Seconds [Concept of the Week]

    by Mark Kilens


    August 29, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    During last Friday’s Content Camp we taught everyone how to measure their website’s performance. During the webinar we highlighted a new HubSpot Marketplace App named Report Keeper. Report Keeper will create and save a marketing report from your HubSpot Sources data in a matter of a few seconds.

    You can install the app by going to HubSpot’s App Marketplace, which is under the Community tab in HubSpot. Report Keeper should be one of the first apps in the list and you simply click “Install” on the right hand-side. The app will then be listed under the Community tab.

    report keeper

    Report Keeper uses the data you have in Sources (under the Analyze tab in HubSpot) and will create reports based off the number of visits, leads or customers your website has generated during a specific time frame or source. Time frames include:

    • Last Month Completed
    • One Week
    • Two Weeks
    • One Month
    • Three Months
    • Six Months
    • One Year
    hubspot report keeper app

    You can also show Marketing Events, which are things that could have impacted the number of visits, leads or customers. Marketing Events include blog articles, tracking URLs or any event you create. You also can select the visit-to-lead or lead-to-customer rate in the app to measure trends overtime.

    Use Report Keeper to quickly create marketing reports, so you can understand what marketing strategies are helping your business generate leads and customers. I recommend you share the reports with your team and management.


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