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    March 21, 2014 // 2:00 PM

    #FirstTweet: Proof That You Should Be Open to New Social Networks

    Written by Diana Urban | @

    first-tweetJust like your first step and first word, chances are you can't remember your very first tweet. But Twitter would like to refresh your memory.

    In honor of Twitter's eight-year anniversary, they've launched a tool to let you see your debut tweet. Click here to see your first tweet. If you're not already logged into Twitter, enter your Twitter handle. You can also look up all your friends/parents/coworkers' first tweets -- it's all public.

    When I read my first tweet, I laughed out loud. Here it is in all its (embarrassing) glory:

    Remember when Facebook used to have you write your statuses in the third person? Apparently I thought that applied to Twitter, too. And look how skeptical I was!

    I've certainly been convinced otherwise. If it weren't for Twitter, I never would have been recruited for HubSpot, I wouldn't have found my literary agent, I wouldn't have bonded with fellow marketers or authors, and on and on.

    And that made me wonder ... were major influencers just as skeptical as me? Even the ones who amassed thousands or millions of followers over the years?

    Turns out, many of them were. And I think this proves that we should keep an open mind when it comes to new and emerging social networks. Here were some of my favorites:

    Katy Perry - Musician - 51 Million Followers

    For a "follower," she sure has quite a following -- Katy Perry currently holds the record for most Twitter followers.

    Ellen DeGeneres - Comedian - 28 Million Followers

    Yep, it's a thing.

    Tyra Banks - Model - 11.2 Million Followers

    I guess she got tired of trying.

    Tom Hanks - Actor - 8.03 Million Followers

    Yep, it's on.

    Piers Morgan - News Anchor - 4.01 Million Followers

     Well, he now has 4.01 Twits following him, so Twitter's worked out for him.

    Tiger Woods - Athlete - 3.82 Million Followers

    He just didn't get it.

    Anna Kendrick - Actress - 2.2 Million Followers

    Proving doppelgangers wrong is often a big motivator for celebrities to join Twitter.

    John Green - Best-Selling Author - 2.17 Million Followers

    Twitter helped John Green amass a huge following and make the best-seller list.

    Stan Lee - Writer/Producer - 1.15 Million Followers

    Sometimes, the fear of being left out is a powerful motivator.

    Laura Fitton - HubSpotter & Author of Twitter for Dummies - 133K Followers

    But look what she went on to write!

    Brandon McCarthy - Baseball Player - 124K Followers 

    Yep, there are still plenty of mundane tweets on Twitter. 

    What skeptical first tweets have you come across? Was your own first tweet anti-Twitter? Share your first tweets in the comments below!

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