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    December 13, 2013 // 2:00 PM

    LinkedIn's Top Buzzwords of the Year as Told Through Cheesy Stock Photos

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    cheesy_stock_photosBuzzwords: We're all guilty of using them. Sometimes, we use them in a meeting with our boss, just to show them we're smart. Sometimes, we use them in emails, just because they're jargon that everyone knows. Sometimes, we're just trying to land a job and the buzzwords just sound right. 

    And this week, LinkedIn kinda put us on the spot by releasing a list of the top 10 buzzwords used on LinkedIn profiles. Thanks, LinkedIn. Now everyone will see that I have 4 out of the 10 most egregious buzzwords on my profile. 

    Since I'm definitely not alone in buzzword abundance (these are the top 10 in the world, after all), we thought we'd take LinkedIn's list one step further using buzzwords' cousin: cheesy stock photos. To make light of the situation and make you think about changing up your own profile, we paired up the following buzzwords and terrible stock photos.

    1) Responsible

    You're so responsible you literally held the whole world in your hands.


    2) Strategic

    You've graduated from connecting the dots to interlocking multiple gears in your organization.


    3) Creative

    You are so creative, you can paint splotches of color on a ladder while in a surreal setting. 


    4) Effective

    You've made your team so effective they are exactly like cogs in a wheel. 


    5) Patient

    You never mind waiting, including for clocks to strike noon. 


    6) Expert

    How else will people know that you're an expert in something without you telling them? Bonus points if you have boxing gloves in your profile picture to show you really mean business.


    7) Organizational

    You help people "sync up" or "get on the same page" -- with and without cheesy team building activities.   


    8) Driven

    "Hey everyone! Come and see how driven I am!"


    9) Innovative

    Your innovative mind allows you to literally ignite ideas in other people.


    10) Analytical

    Your data analyses are so spot on, you can make numbers come to life.


    Which of these buzzwords do you have on your own profile? Share your most egregious buzzwords with us in the comments -- we promise this is a safe place.

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