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    The 9 Best and Worst Questions to Ask in a Marketing Automation RFP

    By Laurie Aquilante

    question-sticky-notesRecently, I came across a really depressing statistic about the marketing automation buying process: According to a study done by VentureBeat, 70% of marketers who purchase a system are either unhappy or only marginally happy with their software. But even though marketers are unhappy with their purchases, they're still pumping serious cash into the marketing automation industry -- it's projected to be a Read More

    How to Take Vacation Without Sabotaging Your Sales Team

    By Lisa Toner

    You know those weeks where you feel drained, unproductive, and every little task you do seems to take forever, sucking up all of your energy? Other times, it's the exact opposite -- you feel energized and ready to take on the world. 

    How do we have more of the latter days and less of the former?

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    How Much Content Is the Wrong Question

    By Carlos Hidalgo

    How much content do I need to “fuel” my marketing automation system?

    This was a question that was asked of me recently as I spoke at an industry event. The question is a compelling one as more and more, marketers are putting time, money, and energy into the content creation process. However, the question in and of itself may be the wrong question.

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    10 Tips on Making Your Marketing Automation Less Robotic

    By Erik Devaney

    The term “marketing automation" may make you a bit nervous.

    I mean, just that term -- marketing automation --  it sounds so cold, so mechanical, so impersonal. Are the robots taking over? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to be knocking on my front door informing me that all of the human marketing positions have been

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    Is "Nurture" Code for "Neglect"?

    By Jamie Grenney

    Do you ever wonder how much hidden potential is buried in your lead nurturing pile? The truth is, many businesses have leads that slip through the cracks. Maybe on the surface it didn’t appear to be a good lead, maybe the timing was off because they weren’t quite ready to buy, or maybe your inside sales team was just spread too thin at the time the lead came

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    What Is an Email Workflow? [FAQs]

    By Ginny Soskey

    So you've got a marketing problem -- one that happens to the best of us. It's not that you're not attracting visitors to your website and converting them into leads -- you've got your business blog, social media, landing pages, and marketing offers down pat.

    But once you get your leads in the door, they get stuck in your marketing funnel. They aren't ready

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    New Data Supports the Case for More Twitter Automation

    By Dan Zarrella

    twitter automation

    A glance over the top Twitter users reveals an interesting pattern. Most of them are celebrities, well known media outlets, or sports teams. Every single account in the top few hundred most followed Twitter users is famous outside of Twitter. They didn’t get into the top lists because of their Twitter behavior; they got there because they’re famous.

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    The Email Strategy That Turns Browsers Into Active Online Shoppers

    By Rebecca Gutner

    abandoned shopping cartIf you're an ecommerce business, the image at right probably makes your cringe. Every day, ecommerce businesses lose out on sales when potential customers abandon their online shopping carts. In fact, shopping cart abandonment reached a record high in 2011, at 72%, and is steadily rising. Sound like a missed sales opportunity? Think again. Many of these people will return, and some more qualified to purchase than before. Let's explore how you can leverage abandoned shopping cart lead intelligence with marketing automation to boost your ecommerce remarketing activities. 

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    How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like the Pros

    By Corey Eridon

    speeding up Face it: you've heard words like "engagement" and "transparency" used to describe social media so much that they’re more played out than a Lady Gaga song. Whatever adjectives you use to describe it, letting your personality shine through your brand's social media account is crucial to its success. But there’s a dichotomy in social media--a ubiquitous cloud looming over our online relationships and interactions. The evolution of technology has forced nameless corporations to become human and empowered small organizations to reach audiences on social media like never before. However, as soon as "human business tools" like Twitter and Facebook emerged, we found ways to automate our humanity.

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    7 B2B Buying Signals Marketers Should Pounce On

    By Kirsten Knipp

    pounceInbound marketers are getting even better at attracting visitors to their websites. But as we all know, in B2B environments, eyeballs don’t pay the bills. Getting visitors to convert into leads and ultimately sales is the name of the profitability game. With today’s modern analytics and marketing automation tools, marketers can play a bigger role in that ‘middle of the funnel’ conversion path with the power to re-engage interested prospects and tee up their sales teams for success.

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    5 Disastrous Misconceptions About Marketing Automation

    By Corey Eridon

    marketing automation softwareThere's a lot of buzz around whether marketing automation software is worth the investment of time and money, or whether it's a waste. Here's the thing: marketing automation can be a really great complement to your inbound marketing strategy IF it's used correctly. Many marketers, however, have come to believe some things about marketing automation that simply aren't true, which leads to misuse of the software and ultimately ends in a lot of disappointment and dismal results. Let's clear up 5 of the most common misconceptions that surround marketing automation and highlight both the dangers and merits inherent in marketing automation.

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    How to Be a Marketing Automation Master [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Brian Whalley

    Marketing automation is the use of technology and software to help move prospects and leads through your sales funnel. As part of a whole inbound marketing philosophy, you can use marketing automation to help take the leads you're generating from blogging, social media, and other sources, and make them more sales-ready. While marketing automation doesn't help you generate new leads and can be challenging to use effectively, it's important to be knowledgeable about it and understand when marketing automation can or can't help your business grow.

    marketing automation infographic
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    How to Save Ecommerce Sales With Abandoned Cart Emails

    By Mike Ewing

    abandonded cartEcommerce sites lose out on many potential sales simply because customers abandon their carts in the middle of shopping, and it’s not always because they’re no longer interested in purchasing the product (although that might be true in some cases). A great way to recover these customers without investing a lot of cost and effort is through the deployment of abandoned cart emails.

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    The Secrets to Stellar Marketing Automation

    By Jeanne Hopkins

    Marketing Automation FactoryIn a classic I Love Lucy episode, the red-headed comedienne and her sidekick, Ethel Mertz, take a job working the conveyor line at a chocolate candy factory. Noting their early success on the production line, the foreman yells, "Speed it up!" Soon, the pair demonstrates everything that can go wrong with automation. It's classic Lucy as well as a classic example of automation gone awry.

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    4 Ways to Get More Out of Marketing Automation

    By Meghan Keaney Anderson

    rubix cubeThe B2B marketing automation industry will reach $325 million in revenue in 2011. Despite this growth, 50% of companies surveyed in a 2011 Focus Study say they have not yet realized a return on investment for their marketing automation. There are any number of reasons this could be -- from an over-reliance on email, to a skills gap, to technical limitations of the tool itself. Getting the most out of your marketing automation tool requires integrating it into a complete inbound marketing strategy and using it as a support rather than a replacement. Here are a few ways to get creative with your marketing automation.  

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