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    September 19, 2013 // 7:30 AM

    What Does the Web Say? ['The Fox' Parody Video]

    Written by | @

    the-fox-parodySometimes content takes off just because it's ... odd. It's just really, really odd.

    A few weeks ago, a phenomenally odd video, "The Fox," earned YouTube stardom and prompted us to create our own parody video, "What Does the Web Say?"

    The original raked in over 36 million views (at least at the time I wrote this post -- it's probably even more by now). Since the launch, countless outlets including CNN and the Wall Street Journal have written about it, and the video has been getting a steady two to three million views per day.

    So, take a gander below (or view it on YouTube) at our hat tip to this phenomenal piece of content. And of course, we included lyrics below so you can sing along ;-) Enjoy!

    What Does the Web Say? 


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    Grumpy Cat
    Gangnam Style
    Miley Twerk
    And girl on fire
    Harlem Shake
    Get some shoes
    Billions of cats on YouTube

    And all the things!
    A double rainbow oh oh oh
    But there’s one thing
    I need to know

    What does the web say?

    Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerky Twerky Twerk
    Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerky Twerky Twerk
    Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerky Twerky Twerk

    What the web say?

    Op Op Op Op
    Oppan Gangnam Style
    Op Op Op Op

    What the web say?

    Dobee doo-doop doop da doo-doo
    Doo-ba doo doo doo!
    Dooba dooba dooba dooba doo doo
    Badooba dooba dooba doba doo doo

    What the web say?

    The value of the web
    Where oh where can it be?
    Somewhere deep in the tubes
    Must be hiding
    Who starts these memes?
    Will we ever know?
    Will always be a mystery

    What does the web say?

    Oh my goodness. Oh my dayum!
    Oh my goodness. We goin’ ham!
    Oh my goodness. Oh my dayum!

    What the web say?

    It’s peanut butter jelly time!
    Peanut butter jelly time!
    Way yat! Way yat!

    What the web say?


    Starring: Mike Lemire
    The Fox: David Gallant 
    Video Production: Keith Frankel, David Guerrera, Matt Plays
    Music and Lyrics: Rebecca Corliss

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    Topics: Inbound Marketing

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