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June 11, 2013 // 6:00 AM

What You Need to Know This Morning: June 11, 2013

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pocket watch... and we're back! Thanks to your fabulous feedback last week, we're going to keep rolling with this new format every morning Tuesday through Friday.

So much news for today, and so little time. The feds are spying on us, and the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, is on the run. Apple showed off a bunch of new stuff, including a new high-end Macbook Pro and a radical new look for the iPhone. Microsoft demonstrated a new Xbox.

And that's just what's generally happening in the world today. Let’s talk about what's going on in marketing:

1) The One Question CMOs Should Be Asking

According to Mark McDonald of Gartner, CMOs should be looking out over the next decade and asking, “How will technology support growth?" Apparently, by 2017, CMOs will be spending more on tech than CIOs, marketers should keep in mind that the two roles are complementary rather than rivals. Worth reading the full article here on Huffington Post to see what the future holds for CMOs and the rest of the C-suite. 

2) Free Twitter Ads for Small Biz!

That's right, free stuff! Twitter and Chase are offering $1 million in Twitter ad credits to qualified small businesses that do business with Chase. Pretty cool, huh? Details on the partnership are on the Twitter blog, and if you want help getting set up with Twitter Ads, check out this post.

3) Seriously, You Need to Use Vine

Vine, the cute little app from Twitter that lets you make six-second videos, is really catching on, in part because the app just became available on Android. One day last week more Vines were shared on Twitter than Instagram photos, Marketing Land reports. (Remind me again why Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram?) Brands are jumping on Vine too -- including Samsung, Lowe’s, and Target. Want to try your hand at Vine? Check out our guide for attracting customers with Twitter and Vine.

4) A Manifesto for Marketers

You didn't know you needed a manifesto, but here it goes: “We believe marketers should sit at the board table and help set strategy. If you do not believe your understanding of markets, products, customers, and positioning plays a vital role in shaping strategy then you are not a modern marketer.” That’s from Point #1 in the 12-point “Marketing Manifesto” produced by Marketing Week. Check out the rest and let us know if any of this resonates for you.

5) 3-D Printing and the Future of Advertising

I know -- you think 3-D printers belong in the same category as flying cars and space tourism. But no! People are really using these things. And apparently it won't be long until everyone has one, and they'll be as common as toasters and microwave ovens. For advertisers, this is a big deal, as 3-D printers will enable agencies to go beyond flat images, and once again advertisers will need to adapt to a new technology, says Aki Spicer, head of digital and content strategy at TBWA\Chiat\Day, in Fast Company.

“[Advertising] is no longer just pictures and drawings of things; this is real things. In the world. At first blush, agencies will need to become experts (or hire them) in CAD manipulation and architecture (no, really, this time), and display arts, fashion design, and jewelry making. These roles are not necessarily ‘new’ to the world, just not native to the typical ad agency, and increasingly they may become more of a norm in our midst.”

6) Bogus Traffic Vendors Busted

Adweek identifies "six companies that [it] believes may be selling low-quality, potentially bot-generated traffic—starting at half a penny a click.” Advertisers buy traffic expecting to have their ads shown to actual humans who might actually click through and actually buy something, but “none of that was possible here,” says Harvard Business School professor (and part-time ad sleuth) Ben Edelman. The bad guys selling bogus traffic are named in the piece: AdOn, Adknowledge, eZanga, Jema Media, MGID, and BlueLink Marketing. Definitely watch out for these companies and those like them. 

7) Need Some Inspiration?

On his last night as host of the Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien gave an amazing little speech, which gave birth to this amazing little video. The video is a little dizzying, but it's worth it to hear the touching and inspiring message. Enjoy!

Image credit: robert.molinarius

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