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Meers is a small, independent advertising agency that thrives off the collaboration of creative minds in all disciplines. Since its founding in 1993, it has focused on remaining small and nimble and executing great work with just a handful of extremely talented individuals.

In 2008, Meers came close to closing its doors and had literally drafted its own obituary. But, thanks to a last-minute pre-bill from a client, Meers found its way back and began to reinvent itself as an agency and changed the way it did business. The agency focused on the rapidly growing area of digital and mobile strategy, which helped strengthen the relationships with its clients and allowed for more strategic opportunities in advertising, brand development and channel.

These opportunities have led to a great deal of growth. In the last three years, the Meers staff has grown by 375 percent, and its revenue has grown by more than 569 percent. It has also been recognized for its accomplishments on many levels. Meers may be small, but it's doing big things. When things get a little whacky, that’s usually when the best work comes out.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 33

3-year Growth: 299%

Year Founded: 1993


Twitter: @meerskc

Location: Kansas City, MO

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