How to Diagnose the Health of Your Client Relationships [Free Ebook]


The agency-client relationship is a symbiotic organism. Like every living organism, it needs regular check-ups to assess and maintain the health of the relationship. If the basic needs of either side aren’t being met, or if there’s an imbalance between the two, the organism can’t sustain itself.

So ... are your clients happy? Yes? No? How do you know?

Unfortunately, it’s rare that clients feel able to quantify the value an agency provides. Yet they can always quantify the invoices they receive. Any sense of disconnect between the two creates an unhappy client.

Happy and loyal clients provide stability and referrals. Unhappy and indifferent clients -- or worse, angry or disappointed clients -- result in a high rate of client churn and a bad reputation for your brand. For an agency, one unhealthy relationship can poison its overall well-being.

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In this ebook, you'll learn how to determine if your client is happy, and we've included two checklists to determine your client's happiness and your agency's happiness.

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How to Run a Client Check-Up via @HubSpot