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May 27, 2016

Are You Working a Job or a Career? [Infographic]

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A career can be mapped out like a journey. Sometimes, people purposefully set out to go down a certain path. While others, when looking back, are often surprised how different jobs and interests led them to build a career. 

While a "job" is more temporary -- or should be. It's really about exchanging your time for a paycheck from a company. There's little reward beyond that. 

But people often confuse the two. They stay in jobs too long, trying to turn it into a career. Or they pursue a career path but work at it like it's a job -- they don't try to learn new skills and focus only on what they are responsible for. 

To get a better understanding of the key differences between a job and a career, check out this infographic from Office Vibe.



Topics: Talent & Recruitment

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