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July 31, 2014 // 6:00 AM

Kanary NEST Combines Programmatic Buying With Real-Time Bidding for Display Advertising [Tech Profile]

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mz-l-1Maciej Zawadziński is the founder of Kanary NEST, where advertisers can efficiently buy display advertising using real-time bidding technology. Previously, he created the first blog advertising network in Poland, running campaigns for international brands such as Samsung, Peugot, and Nokia. He also founded PIWIK and Clearcode, a web development platform.

What is Kanary NEST?

Kanary NEST is a real-time advertising automation platform for smart marketers. We enable buying, serving, measuring, refinement, and optimization of online ads for web, mobile, social and video channels. We tried to rethink online advertising from the ground up by asking ourselves how can we harness the power of, not just big data, but the right data, at the right times, and translate that into an easy-to-setup workflow for marketers? Our mission is to make software that allows marketers to focus on the message and not the math. At the present time when technology solves so much of the digital placement issues that surround online advertising, this should be focus number one. We believe we have solved this antiquated problem quite decisively.

How can the marketing industry use Kanary NEST to create better results for its agency or clients?
NEST is built for marketers that need to control messaging at all times, inside and outside of key marketing campaigns. We scale to access all key channels of online advertising, giving blanket coverage for global markets. A lot of our new customers and partnerships have been API integrations, allowing for a key catalyst, such as a great TV buy, that can relay data collected from that buy, and automate secondary screen content in social media, and video's right after users have seen the ads on TV. This is just one example of numerous potential use cases for easily powering complex buys without much effort whatsoever.


What changes in your industry made you realize that Kanary would fill a void?

One thing that was certain when we were considering building Kanary NEST was that with the advent of DSP's before the turn of the decade, the model in which marketers acquire media was treated the same way. Marketers were still trying to buy inventory from publishers, thinking they were buying customers. Even when they were buying specific categories of users, such as 18-24 who are interested in cars, they were buying publishers. When marketers started to see the impact of retargeting, which quite clearly allowed them to understand that you can target specific people, we knew that it wouldn't be long before the rest of the industry could clearly understand that you can accurately target specific people who aren't yet customers, too. Once marketers see their data work, it becomes a lot easier to demonstrate how their data can be used in much more complex, intuitive ways, that doesn’t invade consumers privacy. That' s when we decided that the timing was right to launch Kanary.


Describe a few core features of the platform?

RTB Buying: We enable RTB buying through most major exchanges that support our channel options. We offer multiple ways to buy this media, by using first-party, third-party data, or by more traditional ways such as publisher buying.

Data Empowerment: We onboard and automate data points to actively search and acquire customers that fit each criteria, and then make models of customers who may look like those same performing users, and can scale these audiences globally

Measurement and Optimization: Finally, we offer reporting that offers true, transparent insight into what customers are buying, and the tools to automatically refine performing audiences, and drop under performing audiences, thus improving performance across the board.

These features are offered through a self-serve platform open to all marketers of all budgets, or through our annual white label license that allows buyers and agencies to customize the platform with their own branding, inventory sources, and includes their own 1st-party ad server completely free of charge when utilized for buying media through Kanary NEST.

How do you see your industry evolving in the next few years?

I will comment on online media segment only, as there is a tremendous amount of movement in the agency industry at large. I believe that creatives will start to evolve from today's current standard creatives, such as the IAB Rising Stars, to more intricate ones used in one-off campaigns which feature rich-media, native, and video formats. These provide high-impact performance which is certainly nothing to ignore, but scaling these ads through multiple publishers, without paying ridiculous premiums, is just plain hard. We believe that when these units are coupled with the capabilities of data-automation, targeting, and placement through RTB, this method will be the "go-to" strategy for buying media. You can already see the impact of native ads being utilized by large publishers such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, but I think this will circle back to the market as a whole in the next 12-18 months, as more important, traditi onal media companies adopt the basic technology necessary to facilitate such campaigns at scale and the industry as a whole starts to define the requirements for creatives.

I also think that the trend towards an open protocol for measuring attribution will be standardized and adopted industry wide. This will include data integration and data import methods similar to the current Open RTB protocol used for integrating RTB exchange sources, to allow customers the freedom of not being pigeonholed by specific vendors who hold data hostage. This is something we're already pushing for with Kanary through our API program that can allow for more transparency and opportunities to let data play a much larger role in the space. A safe, protected model that can be used by everyone.

Finally, I believe that we will see the slow demise of current methods of ad fraud over the next 18 months, as the industry seeks to tackle "black" markets. This, I think, will lend credibility to the marketplace and continue the upward trend of dollars being moved to media acquisition through marketing automation – so long as we deal with it in time.


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