While most ad agencies specialize either in a tactic (advertising, PR, digital), a category of business (consumer packaged goods, health care, retail) or a target segment (boomers, children, the affluent), LSB specializes in what it takes to successfully launch a new product or re-launch a brand in a way that helps it achieve its full potential. We jumpstart brands.

In business for 35 years, we’ve customized our entire operation — know-how, workspace, talent, affiliates and processes in order to reliably deliver.

The result? We’ve served multinationals: the Fortune 100, venture capital infused start-ups and clients with NDA’s so strict their names can’t be mentioned even after we’re dead. Over the years, marketers as diverse as GE, Samsung, P&G, MillerCoors and PepsiCo have all sought us out to address problems or opportunities others have been unable to fully address.

Our specialized know-how has resulted in keynotes at national and international conferences, participation in think tanks from Berkeley to Zurich and coverage from The New York Times and NPR to Advertising Age to Investor’s Business Daily to The International Journal of Brand Management. Just recently, LSB’s know-how was featured in Forbes and Fast Company.

In competitions like the Clio’s, Effies, O’Tooles, One Show, Graphis International and more, we’ve been recognized over and over for the effectiveness and creativity of our work.

To always be among the first with what works, what’s best and what’s next, LSB has, for 23 years, selected an emerging issue marketers face, then researched and developed next-generation best practices that addressed it. We then teach them at our three-day MBA-level spring conference called Brandworks University®. Increasingly referred to as the “TED” of marketing conferences, every year about 400 of the nation’s leading brands make a pilgrimage to learn from us.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 94

3-year Growth: 32%

Year Founded: 1978

Website: www.lsb.com

Twitter: @L_S_B

Location: Madison, WI

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Originally published Aug 28, 2013 1:00:34 AM, updated July 28 2017


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