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PowerChord is a leader in digital brand management specializing in the development of online channel management software that allows organizations to manage their brand and retail sales through an independent sales channel. PowerChord has helped brands such as STIHL and Gravely dominate their industry with their online presence and coordinated 360-degree marketing strategy. Clients of PowerChord market their products via an independent dealer network. The objective is to drive business to the dealer’s Web presence and ensure every dealer represents the client’s brand and products accurately, attractively and effectively.

The PowerChord Dealer Network System provides the independent dealer with a world class online retail presence for a fraction of the cost of developing a site independently. The manufacturer keeps control over the representation of its brand with the ability to centrally manage sites to align with local, regional and national promotions. PowerChord currently has more than 6000 dealer network sites under management in five countries.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 43

3-year Growth: 207%

Year Founded: 1999

Website: www.powerchordsystem.com

Twitter: @PowerChordInc

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

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