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Agency / August 28, 2013 2013 Agency 100
2013 Agency 100

By Jami Oetting

During the past four years, the recession has affected a large part of both our professional and personal lives. Ad spend budgets, and consequently jobs, were cut as brands scrambled to stay afloat in a shrinking market and a changing online advertising landscape. While challenging, this period of time wasn’t short on opportunities. Those who felt stifled by the traditional advertising model founded agencies in basements and garages. Others refocused and redefined what an agency is or specialized in emerging marketing methods. The advertising industry became even more challenging, exciting and dynamic.

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Agency / February 25, 2013 Agency 100 – The Fastest Growing Agencies List
Agency 100 – The Fastest Growing Agencies List

By Jami Oetting

In the last decade, talented entrepreneurs, developers, leaders and social gurus have changed the landscape of the agency world. “Agency of record” doesn’t carry the weight it once did, and a large, full-service agency is no longer the immediate go-to for big brands. With the rise of digital, fast-growing niche companies that offer top-quality services are changing the norm and shaping the new media space.

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