Leveraging the Pounce Strategy to Increase Sales

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



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This is a blog post written by Mike Damphousse.  Mike wears the dual hats of both CEO and CMO for Green Leads , a leader in inbound demand generation and techniques.  Green Leads is a HubSpot customer.

On March 24th at 2:00pm, I'll be joining Jill Konrath on her Sales Productivity Summit and presenting A Day in the Life of a Sales 2.0 Sales and Marketing Professional. One of the tools I'll be highlighting is HubSpot and how we use it in our quest to find leads and grow the business.

There was an MIT study done a couple years ago that showed that the odds of calling and contacting an inbound lead decreases by over 10 times in the 1st hour after lead submission, so we implemented what we call the pounce strategy.

We don't pounce on leads that are subscribing to our blog or just perusing content, but on leads that come in from a "contact us" landing page. As soon as the notification email is received from HubSpot, it is forwarded to our reps, who try to respond within minutes.

Before we respond, we follow this process:

1. Check their site visit history within the HubSpot Lead Management tool , looking for page views and content downloads,

2. Quickly scan their LinkedIn profile for connections, bits of data, company background, etc.,

3. Check their lead score in Salesforce and make sure that we have adjusted it for title and type of company (we specifically look for marketing and demand gen managers at companies that sell b2b),

4. Dial them !

If the prospect has educated themselves with multiple page views and content downloads, if their company and the prospect is in our sweetspot, especially if they are exploring pages on appointment setting , we dial immediately.

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We've tracked our average response time and it is less than 10 minutes. HubSpot allows us to quickly sort through the chaff and respond in a timely manner, increasing our connect rate, while continuing to nurture those leads that are not ready for contact.

The "pounce strategy" is the most effective way to get the maximum sales impact in the least amount of time.  Any organization looking to increase their sales productivity would be wise to implement it.

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