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March 28, 2011 // 9:00 AM

How Can Small Businesses Leverage Social Media? [Marketing Cast]

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"I run a small business—how can I leverage the power of social media?" We encounter this question frequently and wanted to dedicate an episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast to it.

Maybe you are a local business owner, or an entrepreneur, or a marketer at a small company. How do you make the most of social media to increase your visibility online and attract new customers?

What Is Social Media?

When we say "social media," do we actually talk about the same thing? People want to define social media as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, argues David Meerman Scott. While this is a component of it, he points out, it doesn't not portray the entire picture accurately. The emphasis should be placed on the word "social," which in reality means sharing. “The best small business use of social media is to create things that are worthy of being shared,” David says.

Create Great Content

Content, of course, is one of the best things that is worthy of being shared. It can come in different formats, ranging from video series and webinars to text-based content like ebooks, whitepapers and blog posts. If these content pieces provide your target audience with valuable information, people will be eager to share them further. And the social way of sharing today is by using the tools you are familiar with: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Social Media Is Not A Stand-Alone Thing

Where a lot of businesses make a mistake is thinking of social media as a stand-alone thing, David notes. Companies focus on the specific tools, creating the right profiles and staying up-to-date with certain features. But if you think of Twitter and Facebook as ways to share other irresistible offers, then social media becomes easy.

So that leads to your marketing tip of the day: if social means share , go and create something share-worthy!

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