Facebook Now Allows Profile Pages to Become Business Pages

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Businesses on Facebook need to have a Facebook Page. For the past couple of years, many business owners have struggled with using a profile or a business page. Many businesses start marketing on Facebook with a personal profile until they understand its limitations. Then, they have difficulty scraping their personal profile and starting from scratch to create a Facebook Business Page .

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Facebook recently launched a new tool for business owners that will now allow them to convert a personal Facebook Profile page into a Facebook Business Page. The new Profile to Business Page Migration Tool transfers the photo from the profile page and converts all friends of that personal profile into people who like the new Business Page. However, this migration will delete all other content from the personal profile page, including all wall posts and other photos .

Other rules from the migration include page brands and interests. Profiles with fewer than 100 friends will be able to rename their new business page. However, profiles with more than 100 friends will have to use their profile name as the name of their business page. Additionally, converted pages will not appear in the interest sections of users who were previously friends with the profile. Profile friends will not be notified that their friendship has been turned into a Like.

Marketing Takeaway

Facebook Business Pages are public pages and have distinct marketing benefits over Profile Pages. As a business looking to increase traffic and leads from social media marketing, you should create a Facebook Business Page or migrate your existing profile into a Business Page. But simply having a page isn't enough.

You need to think about the content that appeals to your prospects and customers. Share your blogs posts on your Facebook Page as well as articles from other quality industry sources. Begin to think about Facebook News Feed optimization. Attracting likes to your page is only the first step. The more a person interacts with your content, the higher the likelihood that your Page updates will appear in their Facebook News Feed. Engagement on Facebook is a critical component for increasing the reach of your content and calls-to-action.

Do you think Facebook's new migration tool will increase the number of Business Pages?

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