How to Get Found Online As a Local Business [Marketing Cast]

Trying to get found online as a local business comes with both advantages and challenges. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we discuss a few ways to surface in local search engine results.

Connect with Industry Thought Leaders

Connecting with industry thought leaders offers an effective way for you to draw high-quality inbound links and create buzz around your company name. Have you been following a popular blog in your industry? If so, can you reach out to the author with ideas for creating content together? Such type of collaboration can grow your reach and make you more appealing to folks who research carefully before they make a purchase decision.  

Focus on GPS-enabled Services  

As people continue to embrace the usage of smart phones, they also start relying on location-based applications with GPS functionality. These apps offer quick ways to find out what transportation services are in your area, if your friends are nearby, where to go shopping or grab a bite. Examples of such applications are Google Latitude, Foursquare and Foodspotting. So pay particular attention to these platforms and the special opportunities they offer businesses.

Check Out Some Case Studies  

Not sure how to start growing your local search traffic and leads? Check out some success stories. One example, David Meerman Scott points out, is DMD Helaine Smith, a cosmetic dentistry professional in Boston. Her focus on creating valuable content and accumulating inbound links drove great results for her business. Now, as people enter “cosmetic dentist Boston” in Google, her site appears second on the organic search results page.

Have more tips for optimizing your site for local search? Share them with us!