12 Awesome Tweets to Inspire Marketing Transformation

Marta Kagan
Marta Kagan



Last week's Marketing Transformation Week program generated dozens of eye-opening stats , hundreds of helpful how-to's , and thousands of valuable insights on how businesses are abandoning costly, outdated traditional marketing tactics in favor of higher-yield, easier-to-track inbound marketing tactics like blogging and search engine optimization.

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[By the way, we've archived all of the content shared during Marketing Transformation Week here , for those of you who missed any of it.]

The Twittersphere was pretty active in participating in the week's events (thanks, guys!), and many of the most valuable insights were shared by HubSpot's Twitter followers , using the #transform hashtag.

We wanted to acknowledge and share some of the very best transformation-themed tweets with you here. May they inspire you to start transforming your own low-yield marketing programs into finely-tuned lead-generation machines!

1. Print ads and brochures are beautiful pieces of garbage. Spend less on inbound marketing and capture lead s. #transform (via @trustemedia )

2. Being in the Yellow Book is like advertising in a book... that is closed most of the time. #transform (via @stacieverbic )

3. Inbound marketing is an investment in your business (one that keeps on giving), not a one time expense. #transform (via @Eric_Baum )

4. Don't just say your company is the 'leading'...prove it with info online that helps beyond just selling. #transform (via @JimEJr )

5. Good marketers have a social media presence, not a resume. A sweet blog is more telling than a degree. #transform (via @RachelGettingIt )

6. Don't be pushy. "Buy, buy, buy" will result in "bye, bye, bye." #transform (via @elumic )

7. Engage and activate your fans/followers. Don't collect them like cards. #transform (via @The3Motionz )

8. It's easier to work with clients running toward you rather than away from you! #transform (via @SeattleREGuy )

9. You can't BUY credibility. You have to EARN it. #transform (via @himanshuchanda )

10. No time to create content = no time to make money. #transform (via @lightbodymedia )

11. Keywords are the currency of the Internet. #transform (via @BSitko

12. If Google can't find you, neither can prospective customers. #transform (via @seibways )

Got an insight of your own to share? Post it below or tweet it to @HubSpot (don’t forget to use the #transform hashtag!).

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