6 Power Tips To Use Google Like An Expert

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Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah



A few weeks ago, I authored an article here with some quick tips on how you could improve your Google searches.  It provided some of the most useful features of Google that are relatively straight-forward, but few people knew about. 

Here's the first article, if you haven't read that one yet:  12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert

The response to the article was overwhelming.  Both those relatively unfamiliar with Google's advanced features and those that were Google experts seemed to like the article.  The experts likely bookmarked the article to send to their friends and family.

In any case, as a follow-up to that article, I'd like to share another set of quick tips to improve how you use Google's search bar.  Many of these were user contributions as comments to the original article.  Thanks to those that shared their favorite tips.

6 Power Tips To Use Google Like An Expert

1.  Unit Conversions :  You can enter common units and convert from one to the other.

    Example:  72 inches in cm

2.  Current Time In Major Cities :  You can have Google tell you the current time in most major cities of the world.

    Example:  time in Tokyo

3.  Currency Exchange :  Find the approximate value of one international currency in another.

    Example:  100 Euros in US dollars

4.  Check The Weather :  Find the local weather in any area in the United States

    Example:  weather in 02142

5.  Movie Schedule :  Enter the name of a currently playing movie and Google will help you find local showings.

    Example:  The Lookout

    Example:  The Lookout in 02142

6.  Stock Quotes :  Just enter the stock ticker symbol as your query.

     Example:  GOOG

If you have some favorite tips that I missed above, please share them in the comments.  Seems that there is no end to the creative uses for the Google search engine.


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