4 Tips for Creating Content and Driving Social Media Sharing

Angela Bray
Angela Bray



Part three of the Lead Generation webinar series covers how to turn your company into a “lead magnet.” Moderated by Andrew Gaffney , DemandGen Report editor, PropelGrowth Editor Candyce Edelen and HubSpot ’s Director of Marketing Jeanne Hopkins discuss how to build content and share it with social media. Highlighted are the top questions asked by attendees.

Social sharing

How do I begin blogging?

-Make sure your blog resides on your own domain. You don’t want to give credit to other platforms like WordPress , Blogger , etc. ( For example, you want: blog.name.com, name.com/blog.)

-Put together a content strategy. There are a lot of tools you can use, so come up with five themes or ideas you want to write about.

-Do not write about yourself. It’s not all about you and promoting your product or service. What are the questions your customers are asking that could be answered in blog posts? This is a simple way to turn your attention toward them in a more general-type format.

-Every blog post must have a call to action (CTA). Offer a free trial or demo; allow readers to listen to or attend a free webinar. Include a landing page to capture who comes to visit you.

How do I get traffic and eyeballs to my blog?

-Link your blog to LinkedIn . Every blog update links and promotes.

-Tweet about the blog’s content and include a link back to the blog.

-Using hash tags (#) and keywords in tweets can attract your audience to your Twitter and blog.

-Comment on other blogs, write a related post and link back.


Wrapping up

What’s the importance of search?  Do I have to pay for search engine optimization (SEO)?

It’s  not easy to know how to do well. Although there are basic things that can be done very simply on any platform, it is most difficult to make sure your whole site is optimized.

Paid search can help, but it’s not going to help if you don’t also work on your organic search. To optimize based on a few keywords, customize pages on your site using the keywords in your URL. If you can incorporate keywords, it’s going to make a big difference.

What about small businesses? Are they prohibited from all this?

Having a simple and integrated platform saves you time. Spend four hours per week creating a couple blog posts and linking to landing pages. It’s more of a matter of maintenance. Think about four hours per week, 30 minutes each day- it’s simple.

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