Carol Roth is one cool chick. She is able to leverage her experience as both an entrepreneur and a business strategist by providing valuable insights on entrepreneurship in today’s business landscape. And, best of all? She tells you if you shouldn't consider the path toward entrepreneurship.

In this interview from David Garland's web series, "Rise to the Top," he explains why he nominated Carol as "Queen of Entrepreneurship."

From her Amazon book page :

* Are you going to create a "salable" business, rather than a "jobbie" (a hobby disguised as a business) or a "Job-Business" (a one person business that isn't scalable)? There's a great chart in the book that breaks this down perfectly.

* How are you with your personal finances? Because if you can't manage your own finances, then "you shouldn't be an entrepreneur trying to manage a business (and implicitly, the business's finances)."

* Are you willing to put in a LOT of hard work and practice? The "secret" of success is not just a great idea, a positive attitude, and venture funding.

* Are you a "Santa or an Elf"? That is, are you better at giving direction or taking direction? If you are the latter, it will be very, very hard to run a business on your own.

* Are you "too smart for your own good"? That is, you can't give up control over anything because "nobody can do it better than you"?

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or even an existing business owner, The Entrepreneur Equation provides a roadmap to help you determine how and if owning your own business will help you achieve the American Dream."

To add just one more interesting thing to about Carol...she's got her own limited edition fashion doll .  How cool is that?

Originally published May 11, 2011 7:30:00 PM, updated July 11 2013