facebook photos With more than 3 billion photos uploaded to Facebook every month, images are a major part of the social network's content mix. A long-time key feature of Facebook photos is tagging. Tagging allows Facebook users who upload pictures to indicate which of their friends are in their pictures. Today, Facebook announced a major change to tagging. Instead of only allowing users to tag their friends, they can now also tag Facebook Pages in their photos.

The feature is live starting today. Details from Facebook :

"A Page can be tagged anywhere that someone can view a photo in the photo viewer. These photos will appear on the Photos tab on the Page, and not on the Wall. In addition, a Page can be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not just people who have Liked your Page."

According to Facebook, only Pages in the Brands & Products or People categories can be tagged in photos at this time.
The Tagging Process:

1. Click the photo you wish to tag and select "Tag This Photo" below the photo.
2. Type the name of the people or product Page you wish to tag.
3. Repeat this process for every Page in the photo that you would like to tag.
4. Click "Done Tagging" in the bottom left corner.

Marketing Takeaway

Content on the web is about much more than text. Photos can count as content, too and can help contribute to your inbound marketing efforts. If your Facebook Page is listed in the supported categories, encourage your fans to upload images related to your company and tag your Page in an effort to reach new, potential Facebook Fans. For businesses that do a lot of event marketing, this new tagging feature is a great opportunity to leverage an offline event for online engagement.

Originally published May 12, 2011 8:30:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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