This blog post is based off of David Garland's interview with Marie Forleo on his HubSpot sponsored web series " The Rise to the Top. " You can watch the full interview below. Make Every Man Want You


Rich, Happy and Hot- sounds like a chick flick or a must-read women’s book, right? It’s actually the main brand name of Marie Forleo’s program geared toward female entrepreneurs, encouraging marketing, online marketing and connecting with customers in creative, non-conventional ways.


Forleo, founder of Rich, Happy and Hot , is a blogger, content creator, online entrepreneur, speaker, Nike athlete and master trainer, fitness personality, and dancer/choreographer. She is also author of best-selling book, Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! (It's published in 11 languages!)

Relevant to her own personal stories, Forleo shares her advice; key points include:

-Offer free content to large groups of people; the right people love it.

-Keep a close eye on financial services.

-Dedicate time to customer service and customer response.

-Benefit others.



The business growth brand strives for personal intelligence by promoting financial, spiritual, and emotional wealth entrepreneurship. One program within the program is Rich, Happy and Hot B-school , an eight-week business school for women who wish to make it big online. Rich, Happy and Hot Live is a three-day experience connected to the heart and creativity with everything from fitness to marketing.

Originally published May 12, 2011 4:20:00 AM, updated June 10 2021


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