work like a dog At HubSpot , we call it GSD, and it's one of the criteria by which each HubSpotter's job performance is evaluated. But for inbound marketers specifically, that "Get [Stuff] Done" mentality is particularly important. "Why's that," you say? I'm glad you asked...

In order for you to be successful as an inbound marketer, you need to work like a dog.

For inbound marketers -- and here I'll paraphrase a popular adage from HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan -- what matters is the size of your brain, not the size of your wallet.

Because inbound marketing requires you to take control of your business' website and online presence, marketers today have to be much smarter and more proactive when it comes to their marketing programs. And based on the fact that content creation is such a central part of inbound marketing strategy , marketers must be nimble enough to create fresh content on a regular and ongoing basis. It's for these reasons that inbound marketing requires more brainpower.

On the other hand, outbound marketing is much less about your nimbleness to create and much more about the nimbleness of your wallet, or marketing budget. Outbound marketing-focused businesses ultimately spend more money on such expensive initiatives like print, TV, and radio advertising; direct mail; and trade show booths. More money, with ineffective results.

That's why it's so important for inbound marketers to have the GSD mentality. In order to generate enough traffic and leads to feed their sales teams and meet their marketing goals, marketers have to be consistently creating content, optimizing that content for search engines, and participating in social media. They constantly have to do .

If you have a team of marketers that only talks about all the content they're going to create but never actually creates anything, they'll never move the inbound marketing needle for your business.

That said, your marketing team should also be careful not sacrifice quality for quantity. If your marketers can quickly pump out content like a factory but nothing they create is remarkable, you're going to have a real problem. The key is to strike a balance between frequency and quality. It's not easy, but with the right people on your marketing team, it can become a reality.

I'm lucky to work on a marketing team that works like a dog and consistently "gets [stuff] done." Do the members of your marketing team have that same GSD attitude and follow-through?

Photo Credit: Kevin Miller

Originally published May 17, 2011 3:30:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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