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Angela Bray
Angela Bray



Andrew Warner is the founder of , the insanely successful Internet interview show where entrepreneurs teach how they built their businesses. Other founders like those of Wikipedia and Groupon have been featured telling their stories and what was learned along the way.

In this episode, David Garland digs up how Mixergy is maintained, marketed and promoted. In addition to the fun aspects, Warner provides some valuable points on the business end, for example:

Post Daily

Posting daily is great for marketing, as it allows you to see traffic and revenue increase. People will visit your site knowing they will see something new each day. Every post you put out there, even your weakest, is going to reach somebody.

Make Transcripts Available

People like to see things in writing, so providing such will draw traffic to your site. This especially works for those who would prefer to read or skim through text rather than watch visually.

Be Social

Ask your guest to tweet out your link to his or her audience. You can even link to others, encouraging a mention back. Also make note to join communities like message boards.

News is Essential in Marketing

People follow people in the news. If you snag someone saucy for your show, his or her fans will jump at the chance to get the scoop.

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