How Facebook Factors Into Lead Generation [Data]

Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller



The results are in! HubSpot's latest research takes a look at real data from 4,000 businesses -- all HubSpot customers -- and reveals how they successfully generate traffic and leads.

One of the factors included in the study is Facebook reach. The report contains graphs showing the relationship between businesses' Facebook reach and how it correlates with traffic and lead flow. The data shows that:

  • Businesses with 501 to 1,000 Facebook fans generated 4 times more leads than those with 1 to 25 fans.
  • Businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans generated 12 times more leads .
  • B2B businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans received 6.5 times more leads than those with 1 to 25 fans.
  • B2C business with over 1,000 Facebook fans received 16 times more leads than those with 1 to 25 fans.
Facebook v. Leads

Whether your company conducts business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactions, the data indicates that maintaining a strong presence on Facebook will help you generate traffic and leads online. 

For more information about how social media, blogging, and website content correlate with traffic and leads, download the free ebook, "Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses."

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