Another insight from my research for the Science of Website Redesign webinar was asking marketers about how happy they were with their last website redesign project.  I found that 1/3 of marketers were not happy with their last website redesign .

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I was sort of surprised by that data, so I dug deeper to see what else I could find to explain the trend.  Here's what I found for the best practices to make sure you will be happy with your website redesign.

  • Have a clear goal for the redesign.  A full 72% of the people who's goal was to "improve branding or positioning" were happy with the redesign, and 76% of respondents were happy if their goal was to "optimize for lead generation or sales."  On the other hand, if for those who listed their website redesign goal as "other", only 25% of them were happy with the project.  That's about three times fewer people happy when their website redesign goal was unclear.
  • Get senior leadership involved.   Of the website redesigns initiated by a CEO or senior executive, 36% of them ended up "extremely happy" with the project.  But for those projects initiated by the marketing team, only 18% were extremely happy, just half as many as the projects started by the CEO.
  • Measure the website redesign project.  For those who said they used metrics to measure the website redesign, only 25% of them said they were not happy, while 44% of those who did not measure the project said they were not happy with it - almost twice as many.

Why do you think 1/3 of marketers are not happy with their last website redesign?  Leave a comment, share with your friends, and let's discuss!  And don't forget to check out the website redesign webinar for the full data and discussion.

Originally published Jun 9, 2011 7:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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