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“Sell your crap… pay off your debt… do what you love.”

When Adam Baker, his wife and child were in debt, they sold everything and turned it into a blog-driven business: Man vs. Debt (MvD).

Baker began his debt-education business by writing and selling $17 eBooks and progressing to $47 guide packages. Although he was profiting, eBooks just didn’t do the job; it was time to push the envelope into the product generation mode.  That’s when he decided to factor in multimedia by shooting video and recording audio. Then, collaborating and creating packages with 23 entrepreneurs, Baker raked in a few thousand dollars per month.

In addition to the premium and unconventional guides sold in the MvD online store, the family has been traveling in an RV, currently on a “mini tour” in the U.S., encouraging people to crush debt and live a creative life.

Content offered includes the scoop on:

  • Working for yourself
  • Freelancing
  • Starting a business
  • Art and money
  • Turning clutter into cash
Man vs. Debt2

In the Rise to the Top interview with David Garland, you can catch the whole Man vs. Debt story tracking back to day one. But for those of you running or interested in running business online, here are a few of the tips Baker notes:

  • Be as transparent in your business or efforts as possible, up to where the line goes. (The Bakers needed to draw the line between private and public family business.)
  • As you gain accountability, you establish rapid trust within the online community.
  • Your blog isn't the business; you are.
  • Build a tight network of entrepreneurs and make yourself approachable to others as an educator.

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