In session five of The Lead Generation Quick Start Series , Cari Baldwin , partner and co-founder of BlueBird Strategies , explains how to generate and measure leads using the lead funnel stages.

If you don't have a second to view the webinar , no worries! Grab a few quick tips in the meantime:

Build and Measure Lead Management

Make your first goal to generate volume, not just leads. Marketing and sales alignment is essential; you need to have everyone on the same page, discussing and agreeing. Lead scoring means identifying the lead's level. Then, take note of triggering behavior and look at your product and company information to put a process in place in order to send [lead] over to sales. Work with your sales team to further qualify prospects to be leads.

Know Your Terminology

  • The universal definition of a lead is your perfect customer, aka someone fitting the profile and industry matching your business.
  • New reps offer a fresh perspective.
  • Seasoned reps have experience like that of new reps, but may be a bit jaded.
  • Named account reps have their own goals.

Deal With Unresponsiveness

Make sure you continue to work with them. Think of yourself from a buying perspective; we, as marketers, are still buyers in other situations. Sometimes time is just an issue. There is nothing much you can do if they're not responsive, but keep trying. You need to make the decision of when to remove someone from your market. The disqualify bin should be very small, so continue marketing to everyone.


Originally published Jun 15, 2011 4:40:00 PM, updated September 21 2018


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