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8 Must-Read, Free Ebooks for Inbound Marketers This Summer

1. 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael Stelzner: This research-based ebook reports on how marketers are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. ( Click to Download )

2. Real-Time: How Marketing & PR at Speed Drives Measurable Success by David Meerman Scott: Based on his newest book, David Meerman Scott's ebook discusses how the internet has changed the pace of business, why businesses must act in real-time, and how to be successful. ( Click to Download )

3. Mastering Audience Engagement: Reinventing Your Role in a New Media World (Chapter 1: Listen) by Marketwire: Chapter 1 of Marketwire's six-chapter ebook series focuses on how to listen to and draw conclusions from your audience so you can plan effective marketing strategies. ( Click to Download Chapter 1 )

4. The Beginner's Guide to SEO by SEOmoz: SEOmoz's ebook offers a comprehensive introductino to search engine optimization and how to start optimizing your business' website for search engines. ( Click to Download )

5. The Art of Community by Jono Bacon: Aimed at marketers and community managers, Jono's ebook offers guidance about community building, viral marketing, and building a following around products and services. ( Click to Download )

6. How to Create Compelling Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines by Brian Clark: Clark's 28-page ebook satisfies the content creator's itch for learning how to write remarkable content that is well-optimized for search engines. ( Click to Download )

7. Let's Talk: Social Media for Small Business (Version Two) by John Jantsch: Curious about how to get started with social media marketing? John's ebook will teach you the basics of social media and how to leverage it for your small business. ( Click to Download )

8. A Geek's Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less With Twitter by Geekpreneur: Twitter still a mystery to you? Geekpreneur's got you covered in this introductory Twitter for business ebook. ( Click to Download )

Of course, if this list isn't long enough to keep you satisfied this summer, you can always download a few of HubSpot's free marketing ebooks , too, such as the one below!

What other good marketing ebooks have you read lately?

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Originally published Jun 21, 2011 5:12:00 PM, updated July 19 2013


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