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Karen Rubin
Karen Rubin



In Friday's episode of the Marketing Update on, Mike and Karen discussed a number of stories where normal people (i.e. non-marketers) were using or should have used inbound marketing techniques. 

Advertising for Whitey Bulger

This week, the FBI posted highly targeted public service announcements in 14 cities across the United States. The ads urged people to be on the lookout for former Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger's girlfriend and said she was "a dental hygienist who was devoted to her appearance, had plastic surgery in the past, and frequently had her hair cut and teeth cleaned." The ads worked, and within a week of airing them, the FBI had caught Bulger after 16 years of chasing. 

Optimize Your Online Dating

After realizing that his online screen name was "difficult to pronounce, completely forgettable and hard to explain," and had a horrible conversion rate, Dylan of Noodles and Beef decided to use PPC to find a new name. To do so, he compiled a list of potential names and then set up a PPC campaign to test against his target audience. The results were interesting, and he found a new online name, Noodles and Beef, and learned that names with numbers in them performed the worst. 

Bike Lanes & Facebook Pages

One story that didn't make the cut this week, but does fit into the theme, was about a NYC actor and director that learned the value of an integrated campaign. Casey Neistat was ticketed for riding his bike NOT in the bike lane. He was upset and created an entertaining YouTube video , which in two and a half weeks has generated 3.7 million views. After two weeks since launching the video, he launched his Facebook page , which to date only has 171 fans. Recognizing his mistake, he commented on his page, "I should've built this page before I posted this video; that would've been a little more strategic ." 

Watch the show to learn what Mike and Karen thought about these stories in marketing and more!

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