This is a guest blog post by landing page optimization consultant, best selling author, and speaker Bryan Eisenberg.

Your Facebook fan page is hopping. You have fresh and engaging content . You and your customers are sharing and commenting on content. Then again when someone who has never visited the page before decides to drop by the page; how will you make sure they click on the magic Like button?

The 7 steps below work for ecommerce, B2B and even publishers. I’m also going to share some examples from each as well. However before we get to each of the steps, I’d like to make sure you can manage and impact your Facebook Fan conversion rate . I urge you add Google analytics to your Facebook page so that you can get better insights into who is visiting the page and how they are getting there.

1. Offer a Custom Welcome Page

Many of the most highly engaged Facebook fan pages have leveraged the ability to take non-fans to a custom welcome page instead of taking them directly to their wall. If you don’t know how to do that my friend Mari Smith can walk you through adding this custom landing tab to your Facebook fan page. Notice how Bare Escentuals features there award winning product line which is probably what drove the visitor to the page in the first place.

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2. Remind Them Why

I am hoping you have built a customer experience that is truly remarkable much the way Zappos has. People really do love Zappos. Notice how they not only remind them of that on their welcome tab but how they also remind them that by Liking them on Facebook they get access to exclusive content . If you are truly a fan then you’ll really want access to something exclusive. Zappos also does another brilliant tactic by highlighting their Fan of the Week in their banner. People might kill for money but they’ll more likely die for recognition. So don’t forget to recognize your top fans.

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3. Offer Them an Incentive

People may need a little more to get them to click the Like button than just being reminded how awesome you are. So once they see your custom landing tab, you’ll want to offer them a powerful reason to Like you. What I love about the way HubSpot does this is that the offer regularly changes and that they promote it through their various channels as a seamless experience. Who doesn’t like getting something of value just for clicking a button?

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4. You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

If you don’t ask them to take an action with a good call-to-action then your visitors won’t take that action. Notice how L’Occitane combines an offer to win a free trip to Provence on their custom landing tab with an arrow pointing to the Like button and asking you to Like them .

loccitane facebook page conversions beisenberg

5. Make it Interactive

The biggest advantage a Facebook Fan page offers is the ability to interact with your customers -  the opportunity to dialogue. Make sure to highlight this interactivity on the welcome tab. Notice how BMW shows a video that features two of their fans. I also like the design of their call-to-action. Another way you can make your page interactive is by adding a bit of personalization to your Facebook Fan page and adding your visitors name to the page.

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6. Tease Them

Depending on your brand and on what you are offering on your Facebook fan page you may not want to open your kimono all at once. I have seen many pages like Red Bull use a graphic that teases their visitors to like them first before they engage with your content. A note of caution here: a. people must have some really strong reasons to like your brand in the first place b. the content you offer after the tease better not disappoint them.

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7. Give Them All the Info

Ultimately, people like to connect to people and Smashing magazine does a great job highlighting the staff behind their fabulous publication. I highly suggest you have an additional tab to talk about the people behind your company and don’t forget to fill out all the information on your info tab (including several links) and on your about section.

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For those of you who are already HubSpot customers, HubSpot has made most of this pretty easy for you with their HubSpot Welcome app . The app will automatically present new visitors to your Facebook fan page with a call to action to click the Like button and then offer them a lead generation form to fill out after they hit the like button. This is a great way to convert a visitor to your Facebook fan page to a fan and then into a lead by offering them something of value in your call to action. You can see some examples here.

Is your Facebook fan page a conversion machine? Share your masterpieces…

Originally published Jun 28, 2011 11:10:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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