Keith and the Girl David Garland's Rise to the Top interview with Keith and Chemda of " Keith and The Girl " might as well be a follow-up to The Pros and Profits of Podcasting . Ranked as one of the top comedy podcasts online, the show has created over 1,400 episodes and receives millions of downloads. The duo covers celebrity gossip, current news, pop culture, and simply funny life things daily since 2005 on their live comedy podcast. In their own interview, they dish out some advice for building a successful podcast (and it's not just geared toward comedy shows!).

Podcasting is fun because the truth comes out. According to Keith and Chemda...

  • No boss = nobody tells you what to do = freedom to say whatever you want to say
  • It is empowering to say what's on your mind.
  • If you put a mic in somebody's face for long enough, they will eventually be completely honest.

Advice: How to Develop a Passionate Audience

1. Keep your current audience up-to-date. Let everyone know where you are via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

2. Attract new audience members. Word of mouth is key. People make it a point to get their friends into what they are excited about. And when people are loving what you do, you're motivated to keep your content fresh so they keep talking and drawing in others.

3. Keep everyone involved. An app [for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry] is an easy way to do so by allowing users to listen, send feedback, and call in.

Advice: Treat Your Podcast Like a Business

1. Put in the work; you can't leave it up to someone else. A podcast is not an easy thing to create. Just because the duration of the show is only one hour per day doesn't mean the work involved is just an hour per day as well.

2. Take the time to figure out how to attract more listeners/viewers. As mentioned previously, focus on keeping your current audience interested while still pulling in new people.

3. Look into advertising. Some companies are podcast advertisers and will come to you. You can also sell ads directly on your show and/or set up a donate button (these guys do so with a monthly subscription fee).

4. Set up a store to generate revenue. Keith and Chemda sell things like DVDs, T-shirts, stand up and prank call downloads. Hint: Downloads are more immediate, which is why many people prefer to download something than to wait for a physical CD or DVD to arrive in the mail.

Podcasting is like blogging in the sense that you need to stand out. If you really care about entertaining people with what you do, you have a chance at success.

Originally published Jun 28, 2011 8:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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