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11 Things You Don't Know (But Should) About Google+ [Cheat Sheet]

As we discussed in our post yesterday, Google+ is growing rapidly , and it seems that Google has opened up the invite flood gates to allow more people to join. But once you get invited and actually set up a Google+ account, then what? Beyond deciding if and in what ways you plan to use Google+, you still need to know the mechanics of the social network and how to actually do the tasks you want to do. 

A new cheat sheet for Google+ is making its way around the web courtesy of Simon Laustsen . This handy guide uncovers some of the mechanics and shortcuts to help you successfully use Google+.

google plus guide

Marketing Takeaway

New tools come and go. However, because of Google's marketing muscle, Google+ will likely be around for a while and will have an impact on both social media and search engine marketing. It is important to take some time to learn how information is shared on Google+ and familiarize yourself with the tips above to make your sharing habits more efficient. As Google+ rolls out business profile accounts, there will likely be some interesting new possibilities and strategies to take advantage of. Stay tuned!

How are you currently using Google+?

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