Editor's Note: This post is from 2011. The most up-to-date explanation of "What Is HubSpot?" can be found here.

Most companies spend way too much time trying to tell people what their product or service does and way too little time trying to attract more people using inbound marketing by creating content that their prospective customers care about.

If you know anything about HubSpot, you know that we spend the majority of our time using inbound marketing to attract YOU to us, so we can limit the number of annoying cold calls, junk mail and automated-spammy emails in the world.

The result of that extreme focus is that we get more web traffic than Salesforce.com (a multi-billion dollar company) and are the fastest growing marketing software company by far.  The other result is that the millions (yes, millions) of people who interact with us say things like, "I love your Webinars , Blog , Ebooks , Marketing Update Podcast , SlideShares , and Videos ... but what do you guys actually DO?"  Well, as a marketer, I'd rather have millions of people visiting my website and blog and not know exactly what we do than 1,000 people visiting my website and knowing exactly what we do.  But, we also decided recently to spend some time making a short, fun, animated answer to the question "What is HubSpot?".

What Is HubSpot?


How did we do?  Before this video, did you know what HubSpot does?  Does this video explain what we do?  How else would you tell someone what HubSpot does?  Give us some feedback from your marketing experience!

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Originally published Jul 20, 2011 11:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017