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It’s a question we encounter often, so we wanted to address it in a webinar dedicated to balancing the customer power shift . George Hu, Vice President of Marketing at, will join Brian Halligan, HubSpot’s CEO and Co-Founder, to uncover sales and marketing secrets of the new social marketplace.

What’s the Social Marketplace?

In this webinar , George and Brian will help marketers and business owners adapt to the social marketplace. But what do we mean when we say that? You can definite it using these distinct qualities:

  • It’s multi-channel and cross-platform

Nowadays, people find about your product or services through a variety of platforms. They might get to your site by doing a Google search, or hear about you from an industry newsletter, or get familiar with your products through your email communication or on Twitter. The point is that marketing and sales have to function across multiple platforms.

  • It includes social & real-time mindset

With its rapid rise, social media has broken the traditional sales and marketing playbooks. Equipped with more information, customers are in the driver’s seat and dictate necessary changes in the business landscape. For instance, a customer is more likely to contact her Facebook friends when looking for a product recommendation rather than go through her emails sent from different vendors.

The social marektplace means your relationship with people should be bigger than your website or email marketing system. It surely needs to include social media and, as David Meerman Scott likes to say , “a real-time mindset.”

To find out more about the social marketplace and learn how you can adapt to it, tune in to our webinar . We look forward to seeing you there!

Originally published Jul 21, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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