5 Steps to Spelling Out E-M-A-I-L

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how to spell email

This is a guest blog post written by Jim Ducharme, a social media professional and online marketing consultant who helps companies use an integrated approach to their online marketing. You can read more of his thoughts on social and marketing at: www.hugehead.ca .

There’s nothing I love more than a good acronym and so a while back I set out to create one for the word “email” in order to help people remember some of the key points to an effective email marketing campaign. I hope it offers a little inspiration for your integrated email marketing efforts.

E – Engaging

Relevant content sent at the right time is key to getting that click and conversion. It’s not just the right item at the right time either. It’s also about showing your subscribers that you are tuned into what is going on around you. Set up a content calendar to use as guide and inspiration to better relate to your email marketing subscribers.

M – Mobile

This year has been hailed as the year of mobile marketing and with smartphone sales growth predicted to double in the next five years, that’s not a bad call. You should be offering a mobile friendly newsletter, but you should also be thinking differently for your mobile subscribers.

When technology is mobile, how people interact with it and when changes – timing can be everything. For example, if you are hitting people during the commute, you might have better luck because they are looking for a distraction while on the train. If you are sending on Saturday you might want to change the message drastically because people are more relaxed and focused on leisure and family. Relevance as it relates to the subscriber, time and day becomes even more critical with mobile.

A – Action

How strong and clear are your calls-to-action ? What do you want people to do when they get your email marketing newsletter? The answer seems obvious, but is it? Yes, conversion is the end objective, but how? What’s the plan Stan? If you aren’t clear on the objective, your subscribers certainly won’t be.

I – Integration

Email is just one social media channel and smart marketers cross promote their email marketing across all. Every bit of content in your email newsletter should have share buttons adjacent them and you should be using social media channels to promote your newsletter. Tease the content before you send via (for example) Twitter and run excerpts via places such as Facebook, just to name two.

L – Landing Page

Landing page optimization is one of the most important components of a successful email marketing campaign. Landing pages should be uncluttered and have a strong call-to-action. Don’t make people think about what you want them to do when they get there! Don’t force them to go hunting for the related item you were promoting in your newsletter either! Keep the focus of the page tight and create as many landing pages as you need for each objective to keep it that way. I would also suggest you create unique landing pages for potential new subscribers coming from links on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for example.

Spelling out email in your marketing program can help you to drive sales and build revenue, reduce marketing costs, and boost brand awareness and credibility.  How do you spell e-m-a-i-l in your company?

Image credit: Sean MacEntee

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