How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog [Infographic]

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Blogging is a powerful inbound marketing tool not just because it helps you educate prospective customers. Blogging also provides search engines with fuel they love: fresh and original content. In our State of Inbound Marketing Report , we discovered that companies with more indexed website pages generate more leads on a monthly basis. Blogging is one of the best ways to help a business add more indexed pages, boost search engine traffic, and therefore, generate more leads.

Unfortunately, many businesses invest the time and effort in creating blog content but don't take the time to optimize their blog and its content for search engines . The folks over at SEOmoz created a great infographic dedicated to blog SEO.

Blog SEO Infographic resized 600

Marketing Takeaway

Blog SEO is important to your inbound marketing goals. Set aside a few hours to assess your blog's SEO using the information from the infographic above. How can you improve the search engine optimization of your blog? Once you have pinpointed areas for your blog's SEO improvement, then outline a plan and create a timeline for fixing these weaknesses. Look at your organic search engine traffic to your blog before, during, and after your improvements to determine the impact of your work.

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