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August 10, 2011

Discover Which Influencers Are Tweeting Your Content [Free Tool]

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Looking for an easy way to identify some of your content's biggest evangelists? Or perhaps you just want to know how well your content is spreading. Well we have the perfect tool just for you! In preparation for our upcoming webinar, " The Science of Social Media " (don't forget to reserve your spot !), HubSpot has just released its newest free tool, created by Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella.

The new tool, WhoReTweetedMe.com , enables you to analyze a URL and reports the following:

  • The number of tweets including the URL
  • The average number of followers of those who tweeted it
  • The URL's potential reach (the total number of followers of the people who tweeted the link)
  • A timeline of when the URL was tweeted
  • The URL's 20 most influential tweeters, their following, and a link to thank them with a tweet

(Note: This tool is still in beta version, so don't be alarmed if you notice some kinks.)

How the Tool Works: An Example

Let's take the new tool for a test drive by analyzing the URL of our upcoming " Science of Social Media " webinar...

WhoReTweetedMeTest2 resized 600

When we analyze the URL, we generate the following results...

WRM quickstats

Thus far, the URL of the landing page for our webinar has generated 328 tweets . Of all those who tweeted it, the average number of followers of those accounts is 450 , and the total number of followers of those accounts is 73,402 .

RT timeline

Next, we get a nice, general snapshot of when people have been tweeting the link, showing us spikes in retweets and when they occurred.

influential tweeters resized 600

Finally, we can see the most valuable results: the most influential users who have tweeted the URL along with the text of their tweet, their following, and an opportunity to tweet them a thank you for their tweet.

Marketing Applications of WhoReTweetedMe.com

So what makes this such a helpful marketing tool? A few things ...

1. It shows you how well your content is spreading. Use the tool to generate a quick snapshot of the individual pieces of content you publish and how they're spreading across the Twitterverse. Is a certain blog post, ebook, or webinar spreading better than others? Try to identify trends you notice about what makes some of your content more shareable than others, and apply those lessons learned in the creation of future content.

2. It provides you with additional information about the reach and influence of your content. Potential reach is another helpful metric provided by WhoReTweetedMe.com. This metric is a great way to show the ROI of sharing your content in social media as a way to reach an extended number of people beyond your direct network.

3. It helps you identify your content's biggest evangelists and build relationships with them. As I mentioned before, this is definitely the tool's most valuable asset. Being able to pinpoint influential people who are sharing your content enables you to identify the people with authority who are already fans of your content. Use this feature to recognize valuable brand evangelists and build relationships with them. There is always power in numbers, especially when you're working with authoritative people.

What do you think of WhoReTweetedMe.com ? What other applications can it have for marketers?

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