g The social media and marketing worlds are abuzz with the launch and initial success (over 25 million users already!) of Google's new social network, Google+. It also has marketers in a tail spin. "You mean I have to learn how to use and leverage yet another social media platform? I'm only just beginning to understand how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for business !"

We hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately, unlike Google's other attempts at achieving social networking success, given its quick success, it seems like Google might actually be onto something this time with Google+. This means marketers everywhere must pay attention and start taking advantage of the new social network to stay ahead of their competition and reap the marketing benefits Google+ can afford .

To help you get a handle on Google+, we've compiled 10 awesome presentations that help to explain what Google+ is, how it compares with other social networks, how to get started using it, and how to optimize your Google+ presence. Enjoy the slides!

1. " Google+ is here. What now? " by Publicis Modem London

2. " Google+ 101 Guide " by Supernova Studios

Google+ 101 Guide
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3. " WTF is Google Plus? " by Travis Wright

4. " Visual Guide to Circles in Google+ " by Ross Mayfield

5. " Google+ 201 Guide " by Supernova Studios

Google+ 201 Guide
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6. " Beginner's Guide to Google+ for Social Selling " by Social Selling University

7. " Google Plus Tips " by Janet Fouts

Google Plus Tips
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8. " Google+ vs. Facebook for SEO " by Giovanni Gallucci

9. " Google Plus: Nonprofit and Social Change Implications " by Rootwork

10. " Google+: Changing the Way We Share " by Christian Adams

Have you begun taking advantage of Google+ for marketing yet? In what ways have you benefited from it so far?

Originally published Aug 15, 2011 3:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016