EMC is a Laggard Playing by the Old Rules of Marketing

Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



I was talking to a friend who does marketing at EMC, a gigantic and successful technology company (over 30,000 employees).  I asked him what he thought some of the most important marketing activities were that they did at EMC.  He gave me the normal "old school" marketing answer about paying analysts a bunch of money to write reports, developing customer case studies, presenting at conferences, etc.

I asked him to tell me how to describe EMC in two words, and I suggested the phrase "data storage".  He said that they would prefer "information infrastructure".  I said, let's do an experiment with both terms.  I did a simple Google search for each phrase, you can see the results below by clicking on the links.  I was shocked to see that EMC is not on the first page for either search phrase.

Google search for "data storage"
Google search for "information infrastructure"

How could a company as large as EMC not be listed in search engines for a basic search term that describes their company?  This is like opening the Yellow Pages in 1990 and looking under "car rental" and not seeing an ad for Hertz!

It is no longer 1990, and the rules of marketing have changed.  Do you want to understand the New Rules of Marketing?  Download this free eBook on the New Rules of PR by David Meerman Scott, author of the book The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

What is your company doing to take advantage of the New Rules of Marketing?  Leave a comment below so we can discuss.

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