Need Help Blogging

Business blogging is a key part of any inbound marketing strategy. Every blog post you write is a unique entryway for someone new to come to your website, learn about your company, and perhaps even buy from or do business with you. So, no question about it: the more blog content you publish on a regular basis, the better! But who should be producing that content?

Sure, maybe you're an active contributor. But is your blog a one-man show? It shouldn't be...

5 Reasons Your Blog Should Have More Authors Than Just You

1. You don't know everything. But I'm sure you come pretty darn close. ;-) In all seriousness, coming up with new ideas for articles is challenging. Tap into your colleagues', employees', or interns' brains as well to see if they have any great topics they can write about and teach your readers about before you hit a wall.

2. Varying perspectives increase blog content's reach. We've had some great articles on the HubSpot blog by folks with previous roles in IT, current roles in sales, and more. Offering different perspectives or combining two interesting topics into one post can draw an entirely new audience to your blog, while also keeping your content fresh and interesting. 

3. More authors leads to more content. Is increasing the number of posts you publish one of your goals? (If so, that's a great one. Companies who blog 20+ times a month see the biggest return on traffic and leads.) There's no reason why you can't have your team (or your entire company) help you produce those five articles a week!

4. Specialists write great niche posts. Often, some of the most-appreciated (and shared!) content is super specific, how-to information on a given topic. Writing specialty posts on a variety of topics on your own would be quite challenging if you're not too familiar with the topics at hand. Survey your employees/colleagues and see if there are any folks who are experts -- or better -- have a profound love for a certain topic in your industry, and deem that person the new expert writer of that topic. There's a good chance you'll start ranking well for those specialty keywords, too!

5. Yours shouldn't be the only set of eyes reviewing your own work. Regardless of how many blog articles you publish, quality is key. Perfection isn't necessary in the blogging world, but you should make sure what you write expresses a good idea, is well-written, and is devoid of careless mistakes. Always have a colleague proof your articles so your hard work pays off. It would be a shame for your audience to disregard your authority and expertise on a particular topic due to a few silly mistakes.

So who blogs for your company today? What will your strategy be to make sure you have even more authors helping you out?


Originally published Aug 24, 2011 3:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017