science of social mediaCertified by Guinness World Records as the largest online marketing seminar ever, "The Science of Social Media" webinar we hosted on Tuesday focused on how to use social media to build your reach, engineer contagious ideas, and measure your results. If you missed the webinar, which was based on Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella's research as well as data-backed, scientifically-proven best practices, you can always watch it on-demand. But since we received an overwhelming number of awesome questions during the webinar, we wanted to highlight and answer some of our attendees' top-asked questions as well...

1. How can Twitter and Facebook help me generate traffic from search engines?

When you're talking about savvy social media users, Twitter users tend to be in the "linkorati," which is a class of web users who are sophisticated enough to be able to control content on the web. They tend to be bloggers and others who are very often able to create valuable links to your content.

If you think about Twitter and Facebook, there is a pool of linkorati, or a pool of people who can link to your content. You can use them as your link-building army. Take existing, keyword-rich content, and share it with your social networks. Your expanded reach in social media will create a much better likelihood of someone linking to that content, which will help your website rank in search engines.

2. How do you define 'interesting' content?

Building reach by engaging in conversation doesn't work as effectively as publishing content. Interesting content is contagious content -- it combines relevance with being written simply and plainly. It not only catches attention, but it also includes something motivating enough to make someone want to share it.

interesting content

3. Is outsourcing good or bad?

This is a broad topic; it depends on what you're talking about. Generally speaking, if you're talking about customer service or creating interesting content, you can outsource. But it's tricky. The best social media knowledge comes from the best social media people in your company. Also, that way it doesn't sound like a third-party voice coming out of nowhere. Your brand's voice and the creation of your content is probably the best coming from in-house.

Did you attend the world's biggest webinar? What did you learn? If you missed "The Science of Social Media," you can always watch the archive here.


Originally published Aug 25, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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